CASE Executive Director Work Summary

Executive Director Work Summary Jan 2023

Hello CASE Members,

It has certainly been a news-filled week. CASE would like to thank Dr. Williams for his service to Baltimore County. We wish him well as he prepares to start a new chapter. Business is as usual, and I will continue to meet weekly with the Chief of Staff to address issues important to CASE. We should expect the board to approve a contract to do a search. There are lots of rumors out there. Try not to engage. I’ll let you know as soon as I have any information about next steps or if anything is changing.

I am working with BCPS to ensure the compensation package announced in September is implemented fairly among our members. There are a few points where we disagree, and I have proposed solutions and submitted one grievance in an area where we could not reach agreement.

The superintendent has presented his proposed budget to the board. It contained a step increase, but it did not contain a COLA. We will continue to negotiate on this matter.

I met with a group of secondary administrators to discuss hot topics. I presented these topics to the Chief of Staff during my last two meetings with her.

We are in the process of updating the CASE website.

Quote for January:

Understanding yourself is power. Loving yourself is freedom. Forgiving yourself is peace. Being yourself is bliss.Unknown

Best regards,


  • Spoke at BOE meeting
  • Reopening Plan Stakeholder meeting
  • Strategic Planning with the 5 Unions
  • PAR for Administrators
  • Weekly Discussions with the Chief of Staff
  • Monthly Meeting with Superintendent
  • Monthly Meeting with Union Presidents and Superintendent
  • Discussion on Lead Teacher and Administrator Roles for Summer
  • SSAA
  • Discuss Grievance with CASE Lawyer and Identify Relevant Legal Precedent
  • TABCO – Teacher Transfer Process
  • VALIC/AIG changed to Corebridge Financial – Asked to Present at Our Next Meeting (Not the correct forum)
  • MSDE Reporting Requirements – Food Services

Member Support Topics

  • Implementation of Compensation Package
  • Salary Scale
  • Rules/Timeline for Teachers Calling Out Sick
  • Changes to APPD Dates
  • Teacher Administrator Mediation
  • Inappropriate Behavior of Special Education Advocate
  • Associate Principal Internship Substitutes