CASE Executive Director Work Summary

Executive Director Work Summary Mar 2023

Hello CASE Members, 

Happy Spring Break Eve. I hope you have plans to rest and rejuvenate.  


The Board of Education approved budget includes: 

  •  1 step increase 
  •  2% COLA 
  •  No layoffs of furloughs 

The budget now goes to the County Executive and County Council for approval. 

AFSCME Vacation Payout

AFSCME employees were offered this option because during the early months of COVID they were denied the right to use their vacation because they were considered essential. So, when everyone was working from home, they still were required to go in and were not allowed to take vacation days. CASE employees didn’t have the same restrictions.  

Although the deadline for using accrued vacation was extended for CASE members, I know many of you would like options besides the extra days moving to rolled leave. I continue to discuss with BCPS. The AFSCME payout and the use of accrued leave that was saved if we transitioned to pay in arrears are two different issues and are being discussed as such. There are still no plans or timeline for moving to pay in arrears.  

Quote for March 

Get out of your head and back on your feet. Remember who the hell you are. This means returning to your body because you are missing your life living in your thoughts. Feel the ground beneath your feet and start living. It’s time.  

J. Mike Fields

Best regards, 



  • CASE Negotiations 
  • Feedback on BCPS Summer Work Schedule Proposal 
  • Compensation Package Grievance Hearing 
  • Employee Support During Supervisor Meeting  
  • Met with TABCO about using external hearing officers for grievances 
  • Consultation with School Administrators on the role of TABCO Reps 
  • Superintendent Search Meeting – Attributes of BCPS and Candidates 
  • Reopening Plan Stakeholder meeting 
  • Strategic Planning with the 5 Unions 
  • PAR for Teachers 
  • Weekly Discussions with the Chief of Staff 
  • Monthly Meeting with Superintendent 
  • Monthly Meeting with Union Presidents and Superintendent  

Member Support Topics

  • Implementation of Compensation Package 
  • Discipline – Member Representation 
  • Investigation – Member Representation  
  • Employee performance 
  • Employee behavior 
  • When a staff member is harassing you 
  • How to appeal a BCPS decision regarding your child 
  • Data Monitoring – Middle School  
  • Principal Internship Program – Lack of AP coverage 
  • TABCO process violations when addressing administrator concerns 
  • Role of TABCO Rep and Uniserve Director 
  • Accommodations after an injury – correct leave 
  • Conference Summaries – Are they disciplinary? 
  • Long Term Disability – Unexpected charges 
  • IEP Facilitators – We need support 
  • State of Schools – Communication and Time of Event 
  • AFSCME Vacation Payout  Behavior Threat Assessment Training