CASE Executive Director Work Summary

Executive Director Work Summary May 2023

Hello CASE Members,

Happy June.

I attended less formal BCPS meetings this month. I spent the bulk of my time supporting members through investigations, performance concerns, and disciplinary actions. All three of those topics can feel like a punch in the gut. Through this support I’ve learned there is always room for growth, treat people with respect, investigations are sometimes an attempt to intimidate, and sometimes investigations lead to learning some new ways of behaving. We should have an in-person conversation about this at our next membership meeting. In the meantime, know what you stand for, set boundaries for how you will be treated, and examine how you treat others. Being a leader is hard. You will be criticized. Do what you know is right anyway. You inspire me.  

Updated Negotiations

The Board of Education and County Executive approved budget includes:

  • 1 step increase
  • 2% COLA
  • No layoffs or furloughs
  • Addition of Step 21 to the CASE Salary Scale (Replaces bonus. Equal in compensation amount 2% COLA 2% Step Increase.)

Vacation Accrual Update

Vacation accrual caps will be suspended until December 31, 2023. Effective January 1, 2024, vacation accrual caps will be increased by five days for each bargaining unit. Any vacation days earned after the cap has been reached will be moved to rolled leave. Upon separation from BCPS, vacation will be paid in accordance with the negotiated master agreement towards retirement. (Repeated from April)

Quotes for May

Self-love is a sincere acceptance of the past, an agreement to make the most of the present, and a willingness to allow the best to occur in the future.

—Yung Pueblo

You are not the darkness you endured. You are the light that refused to surrender.

John Mark Green

Best regards,



  • CASE Negotiations
  • Employee Support During Investigations
  • Employee Support During discipline meetings
  • Employee support during difficult conversations with supervisors or staff
  • Calendar Committee
  • Strategic Planning with the 5 Unions
  • Member Consultations
  • CASE Member Supervisor’s Consultation
  • CASE Executive Board Meeting
  • Weekly Discussions with the Chief of Staff
  • Assistance Plan Development Support
  • Monthly Meeting with Union Presidents and Superintendent

Member Support Topics

  • Verifying staff pay for working after scheduled hours
  • Discipline – Member Representation
  • Investigation – Member Representation
  • Compensation Grievance Moves to Arbitration
  • Compensation for Required Behavior Modules
  • Being named as a defendant in a case against BCPS
  • Meeting with hostile or abusive staff
  • Leaving CASE for a TABCO position
  • Asking for an accommodation
  • Certification Office concerns
  • Working remotely after injury or illness
  • What happens to your leave if you resign?
  • Reassigned after position is eliminated
  • What to do if you been asked to do something you believe is unethical
  • Current processes for COVID leave
  • Payroll error
  • Superintendent search process concerns
  • Switching levels
  • Incorrect Transcripts End of Year Grading Timeline concern