CASE Executive Director Work Summary

Executive Director Work Summary Feb 2023

Hello CASE Members,

A TABCO MOU is in place so that the pre and post observation conference should be held by the same administrator. This was published in the News Hub and the Principal’s Weekly Update. I was unaware of this MOU until it became an issue. I am not a BCPS employee, so I don’t get the news hub or weekly update. This MOU is in place until June 30, 2023. If you ever receive information you think I need to know please send it to me.

Action Requested:
If you have not sent the following email to the board of education, please consider doing so. If you have already sent an email, thank you! A recent board discussion revealed a request to remove stakeholders from the public comment portion of board meetings. Send the email to

Dear Members of the BCPS Board of Education,
It is critical that CASE maintain its current ability to speak at board meetings as a stakeholder. We rely on the board to support us as leaders, and we need the ability to publicly communicate to you through our Executive Director. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your service to the staff, students, and community of BCPS.
Best regards,
CASE Member’s Name
School or Office

I will be on vacation from March 22 to March 27.

We are still in the process of grieving the implementation of last year’s compensation package. I’m frustrated by the run around.

Quotes for February:

Data is not about adding more to your plate. Data is about making sure you have the right things on your plate.Unknown
Loyalty doesn’t require conformity. If consensus is wrong, you have an obligation to disagree. Weak leaders demand deference. Strong leaders welcome dissent. Being a team player is not about sacrificing your values for a group. It’s about acting in service of the greater good.Adam Grant

Best regards,


  • Met with TABCO about a TABCO proposal to change aspects of the transfer process
  • Reopening Plan Stakeholder meeting
  • Strategic Planning with the 5 Unions
  • PAR for Teachers
  • Blueprint for Maryland’s Future Workgroup
  • Consultation with Head of School Counseling – transfers
  • Weekly Discussions with the Chief of Staff
  • Monthly Meeting with Superintendent
  • Monthly Meeting with Union Presidents and Superintendent
  • Meeting to discuss possible stipends for CASE when presenting after work hours
  • Consultation with Administrators – Employee behavior and performance
  • Representation of CASE member – discipline meetings
  • Representation of CASE member – investigations
  • CASE Board of Directors Meeting
  • Teacher Effectiveness Committee

Member Support Topics

  • Implementation of Compensation Package
  • Discipline – Member Representation
  • Investigation – Member Representation
  • Employee performance
  • Employee behavior
  • Board discussion on the future of VLP
  • Principal Internship Program – Lack of AP coverage
  • TABCO process violations when addressing administrator concerns
  • Inappropriate new student placement
  • Error in benefits enrollment
  • Process for teacher requesting accommodations
  • Tuition reimbursement – process change
  • Parent threat
  • CASE Employee safety at the Jefferson Building – Parking
  • Protecting CASE members from Social Media attacks
  • Pre and Post Conferences should be conducted by the same administrator – new MOU in place until June 30.